5 Must Do's to Attract More Customers to Your Online Store

5 Must Do's to Attract More Customers to Your Online Store

Date: 2017-06-10 10:15:00 Author: Matthew Davis

Weather your online store has been around, or your just starting off with the ecommerce adventure, one thing is for sure - Your SUCCESS depends on your ability to attract customers to your websites. It sounds easy enough, but there's a lot of time commintment and hard work involved and sometimes the task can be daunting and difficult to accomplish. To make your process easier, we have compiled a list with the 5 must do's if you want to succeed in the online market place.

1.  Beautifully Design Website

Very first thing to look at is how attractive is your online store. This is critical as your website is the representation of your business. It has to be clean, beautiful and inviting if you want your customers to proceed past the homepage - otherwise they will simply click back and move on to another site. Remember that a user will make up his/her decision within 3 seconds of viewing your page, so that first impression really counts. Ask yourself if you would be inclined to continue after 3 seconds of looking at your own page. If you answer no, others won't be inclined either.

2. Great Customer Care

A huge factor in online success is your outstanding customer care. You know the deal - your standing in line at the local pizza shop for an hour, to finally get to checkout and the cashier has been disrespectful to you and the customers in front of you. Your experience is not that great so your likely to tell your friends that it sucks and they will avoid it like a plague. A lot of success comes from word of mouth, and thats not the type of referrals you want your customers giving. You've heard the term "chicken referral"  when a friend say's "I know this guy who builds websites, but don't tell him I sent you." - This is the type of thing we want to avoid. Remember: Your best promotion is satisfied customers.  Take care of your customers, answer their questions in a timely manner, listen to them and let them know you care. Great customer support will take you far in your online business.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Social Media is the key to online success. The mere presence of being on social media is free. Of course you can publish paid ads - the more presence the better your success. The benefits of social media are huge, and it would be wise to take advantage of whats there for free.

Success in social media is providing great content. Make youself interesting by providing meaningful post's that engage users and encourage them to want to follow you.  Follow these things to attract customers to your social media pages:

  • Post regularly and Consistantly - Post at least once a day if possible. Be consistant and regular so your customers can't forget about you - however - don't post just because you SHOULD. Make sure that you have something worth posting so you don't drive customers away.
  • Engage User's on Your Page - Ask for user input, ask questions, reply to their comments, be engaged with them, and try to catch their attention.
  • Use Graphics - Post's that use attractive images get close to 50% more user engagements then post's without.

4. Use Promos

Everyone loves promotions. It a phychological mechanism that drives us to purchase promotional items even if we're only saving $5. Using the word free in the following example's is proven to stimulate positive emotion, excitement and encourage purchase's:

  • Buy one get one FREE
  • FREE shipping
  • FREE "something" with purchase

5. Email Marketing

It's cheap, it's effective. Studies show that 54% of consumers have a more positive attitude towards companies that send them emails. Evem more, at 71% of respondants stated that when shopping online, they tend to remember the emails a company sent them with promotions. 

Some of the most common email marketing strategies are:

  • Email customers about new products
  • Sales and Promotions
  • Send emails with similar or recommended products right after a purchase to encourage more purchases
  • Send coupons to customers who haven't been active in awhile
  • Send tips and tricks that relate to your products to encourage a visit to your website

Building a successful website can be difficult. But as you can see, these few tips will help you get a jump start in your ecommerce journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help however we can.

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